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We Provide Complete Copper Mountain Corporation has consistently embraced View Our Commodities Area Solutions for Industries. innovation to provide a superior level of excellence. We are Leaders in Field We import & export metals internationally Meet Our Experts Import & Export across any ocean. We are Very Innovative Copper Mountain Corporation has consistently embraced innovation to Meet Our Experts and Experienced Engineers provide a superior level of excellence.

Reliable Mining Solutions In The Commodities Industry

We are a company that is dedicated to the extraction and commercialization of commodities, which is based mainly on copper and gold. In addition, it participates in the business of sale of mining equipment, spare parts and OTR tires. Marketing operations are carried out mainly in Africa, China, South Korea, Turkey and Latin America.

Our Company operates a copper and gold deposit that is located near the town of Karibib in the Erongo Region, Namibia, Africa. With an annual production of 50,000 tons of fine copper and 50 kilograms of gold. In addition, there are 3 other mining properties that have copper, gold and silver, in which projects are being formulated for their start-up, which are also located in Namibia.

We invested our hard work on businesses that strive to empower the communities we work in.


cmcminingSeptember 11, 2020Gold News / Mining NewsJim Rogers, co-founder of the Quantum Fund, believes that the appreciation of the precious metal could lead to a new bubble. “Six months ago the United States was the largest debtor nation in the history of the world. No one has ever been so in debt. Since then, the United States has increased its debt by more than trillions,” the American billionaire said in an interview for Kitco News. . Due to the huge amount of debt generated by central banks during the covid-19 pandemic, the next economic crisis could be even worse than this year, as warned by one of the world’s best-known investors, American businessman Jim Rogers, founder of the Quantum Fund in the 1970s with George Soros. “We may not have studied economics at an Ivy League university, but we know that if you print or borrow money, we unconsciously know that this creates problems. And so more and more of us turn to gold and silver,” the commenter explained. financier, who is also chairman of Rogers Holdings. According to his forecast, the price of gold “is going to rise much, much, much more” before the pandemic ends, which could turn into a new bubble. “I hope it doesn’t , because if turns into a bubble, I will have to sell it and I never want to sell it. I want my children to have my gold and my silver one day,” said the 77-year-old investor. . Since the start of the pandemic, gold has been one of investors’ favorite commodities, serving as a refuge from volatility and financial insecurity in times of crisis. Rogers’ interview was published on the same day that the S&P 500 index surpassed the all-time highs it registered in February, causing the fall of gold, whose price had just surpassed the record level of $ 2,000 per ounce on Tuesday. The rise in gold, which is now trading near $ 1,934, was fueled by Berkshire Hathaway’s purchase of a stake in gold mining company Barrick Gold, owned by Warren Buffett, the world’s fourth-largest billionaire, according to Forbes. Source: [...]
cmcminingSeptember 11, 2020Gold News / Mining NewsThe political situation in Mali, the fourth largest producer in Africa, threatens the extraction of precious metal in the country and causes falls in the mining sector The mining sector has encountered an unexpected obstacle to the rally that it is experiencing this year, motivated by the strong revaluation that gold has experienced in 2020. Specifically, it is the coup in Mali, the fourth largest producer of this precious metal in Africa, which threatens extraction in the country and is punishing mining companies with exposure to the region (some of the most important in the world) .Barrick Gold, among those affected Barrick Gold, for example, left 3 percent on the stock market on Thursday, fearing that the mining complex it owns in Loulo-Gounkoto (Mali) will be affected by political uncertainty after the resignation of the country’s president. In this way, Barrick Gold put a stop to a rally that has taken it to record highs after revaluing more than 55 percent so far this year (due to the revaluation of the precious metal, used as a safe-haven asset in the face of the increase in the uncertainty due to the coronavirus crisis). For its part, Canadian miner B2Gold, which operates the Malian Fekola mine, dropped 7 percent on Wednesday, joining an additional 7 percent on Tuesday, also slowing another rally that has also taken it to record highs. after appreciating 57 percent in 2020. But in addition to these two, there are other examples: Hummingbird Resources, whose only operating mine is in the country, lost 10 percent on Wednesday, joining the 5 percent that had already fallen on Tuesday, a significant setback that left the annual increases at 47 percent. Likewise, Australian company Resolute Mining sold 17 percent of its market value on Wednesday, due to the mine it owns in Syama, in southeastern Mali. All this occurs despite the statements of companies like Barrick Gold that have ensured that they continue to operate relatively normally in the country. “The (Loulo-Gounkoto) complex has an adequate inventory to be able to fulfill the expected orders and the management team has taken the appropriate measures to secure the supply lines. The company monitors the situation closely, in communication with the local partners, “Barrick said in a statement. A complicated political situation However, the situation in Mali is complicated. President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita (in office since 2013) resigned on Wednesday, hours after being arrested by the Army military. Keita argued that, with his decision, he wanted to avoid bloodshed in the face of a coup that follows weeks of protests over controversial elections, the rampant corruption and Islamist violence that continues to plague parts of the country. The Army has assured that its plans are to establish a transitional government until the holding of new elections. Source: [...]
cmcminingSeptember 11, 2020Gold News / Mining NewsA publicly traded fund became one of the world’s largest owners of the precious metal, surpassing even the central banks of Japan and India. A publicly traded fund became one of the world’s largest gold owners, outperforming even the central banks of Japan and India as investors rushed to buy the precious metal and pushed its price to record levels amid a global search for refuge from the crisis unleashed by the coronavirus. It is SPDR Gold Shares an ETF – an investment fund whose main characteristic is that it is traded in secondary securities markets – that owns physical bullion instead of only financial derivatives. The firm accumulated gold this year as investors seeking price gains or a safe haven asset funnel more money into the fund. The size of the fund’s holdings, held in HSBC’s London vaults, increased to 1,258 tonnes. On Monday and Tuesday alone he added another 15 tons, about five times more than Michael Caine’s bank robbers in The Italian Job, based on the $ 4 million worth of gold taken in the 1969 film.The ETF is a partnership between State Street, a large Boston bank, and the World Gold Council, a trade body for the industry. It marked a 33% return this year that helped lift its value to more than $ 80 million.Gold’s rally continued Tuesday evening as the metal’s price topped $ 2,000 per troy ounce for the first time. The size of the fund, known by its GLD ticker, places it among the ranks of the major central banks. Its holdings are equal to a quarter of all the gold at Fort Knox in the U.S. More than the gold reserves of the Bank of Japan, the Bank of England or the Reserve Bank of India, and not far from the 1,948 tons of China. precious metals, according to WGC data. The enthusiasm for the metal was fueled by some investors who worry that extraordinary moves by central banks to cushion the economic impact of the coronavirus could ultimately ignite latent inflationary pressures. Gold is widely viewed as insurance against accelerating price increases. Wells Fargo analysts called the precious metal a “chameleon” as the causes of its recovery evolved. “From 2016 to 2019, gold closely followed the decline in global long-term interest rates. Then, in early 2020, the recovery in gold added to fears of the coronavirus and excessive global money printing, ”they noted in a note on Monday. “More recently, gold jumped on the train in US dollars; climbing above $ 1,900 as the US dollar became one of the weakest currencies on the planet. “GLD was one of the first commodity-based ETFs when it launched in 2004. Its ownership of stored physical gold bullion Somewhere in London it sets it apart from many of its newer peers, who mostly use commodity futures, its shares are priced at about one-tenth the cost of an ounce of gold. GLD’s growing popularity also made it the ETF industry’s biggest money maker, surpassing even the revenue generated by State Street pioneer SPDR, also known as “Spider,” which tracks the US stock market. The stock market ETF, which is comfortably the largest in the world with $ 289 billion of assets, charges end investors a fee of just 0.095% a year, which means its gross income to State Street is currently at approximately $ 275 million annually. GLD, on the other hand, costs investors 0.40% annually, which means that it is currently generating about $ 320 million of revenue a year. ETFs were first invented in the early 1990s as a way for investors to trade index funds around the clock, but in subsequent years Wall Street put a wide range of assets into the structure, from stocks and shares. bonds to more complex securities, such as risky loans and derivatives linked to volatility. Source: [...]
cmcminingSeptember 9, 2020Copper News / Mining NewsThe pound of the commodity is close to the barrier of US $ 3.1. Best of all, it should keep going up. Copper has become the balm of the Chilean economy and on Tuesday it reached a new high since June 2018. According to Cochilco, the price of the raw material was quoted at US $ 3.08 on the London spot market, which represents an increase of 1.68% in relation to the close of the previous day. The three-month forward price shows a jump of 1.7%. The rise comes amid positive signs of recovery in the Chinese economy, the world’s main consumer and Chile’s largest trading partner, raising expectations that the red metal will continue to rise in the coming days. Rising demand from the world’s top user has been one of the main drivers of the recent copper rally, with prices trading near a two-year high, the agency said. The country’s main export product was affected like everyone else by the coronavirus and the effect on the world’s main economies, but it quickly came out of that hole. In fact, since its low on March 23, the price has already risen 50% and the Central Bank raised its forecast for the average price to US $ 2.80, according to its latest Report. In this context, Goldman Sachs kept copper as its “favorite” commodity. “Our view remains that copper can continue to be stronger from here on, as demand for properties in China remains high and supply continues to grapple with the effects of Covid-19,” the report reads prepared by the team led by Jack O’Brien, CEO of the US bank.igh and supply continues to grapple with the effects of Covid-19,” the report reads prepared by the team led by Jack O’Brien, CEO of the US bank. Source: [...]
cmcminingSeptember 3, 2020Copper News / Mining NewsSix more containers containing sand instead of the copper expected arrived in China yesterday, to the despair of the owners of the goods. Two containers with the same unwanted content arrived there last month. Two containers with the same unwanted content arrived there last month. Of the 14 containers that have arrived in China so far, the owners of the merchandise say, eight containers that were thought to contain copper were full of sand. Because of this, the desperation of those who have invested large sums of money in the imports, and their concern over the containers still in transit, knows no bounds. They do however say they are confident of finding the perpetrators of the crime, by dint of the hard work of the National Criminal Investigation Service and the Police of the Republic of Mozambique. The first part of the maliciously substituted merchandise was recently recovered by the authorities from a warehouse in the Nacala Port Zone. Source: [...]
cmcminingSeptember 1, 2020Copper News / Mining NewsThe country’s main export product rose almost 1% on the London Metal Exchange. China does it again. In the Asian giant it was reported that its industrial activity in August grew strongly, even being the best record since 2011. In this way, these data boosted the price of copper in the market. According to Cochilco, the red metal closed the day on the London Metal Exchange at US $ 3.079 per pound, which meant an intraday rise of 0.9%. With this value, the country’s main export product climbed to highs in June 2018. In the market they also highlight that these values of the red metal are also achieved by a drop in copper inventories and the weakness of the dollar price at the international level.Thus, ING analyst Wenyu Yao told Reuters that “expectations are for strong Chinese demand.”But not only the price of copper is having a good day, but also some mining stocks. For example, mining company Glencore rises 0.82% on the London Stock Exchange. Source: [...]

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