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(Au) Mining Project | (Achilles Mine)

27 weeks to Production.
(We are already pouring gold , and high-grade copper ore before Christmas.)

Welcome to Namibia  next gold, and copper  mine.

At 10 grams per metric ton, this is one of the highest-grade gold, and copper  mines on the planet.

Phase One will produce 30 kgs  of high-grade gold, and 40 metric tons of high grade copper. At an all-in cost of less than USD $1,000 per  metric ton . Delivering jobs to local Namibians, Americans , Chileans  , and to top it all out our tax revenue will help countries fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Phase One construction and operational readiness is on schedule and on plan. The gold ,and copper extraction, and processing  will start up on schedule. Ore has been mined and stockpiled above-ground as mill feed. Recruiting and hiring 30 miners and technical staff, most of whom live right next door in town, is well underway.

Strategy for Phase One.  Our motivation for developing Phase One is simple: to create a pre-tax cash flow stream of over2 million dollars which will fund (without dilution) robust drilling and discovery work, focused along the highly prospective 7-kilometre-long Gold Trend. Our strategy is to exponentially increase our high-grade gold, and copper resource and reserve numbers, thereby transforming Copper Mountain Corp ( CMC MINING ) into Namibia  next iconic gold, and copper company.

Phase Two.  Our goal for the next Phase of mining is to extract high-grade ounces of gold already drilled off in the immediate area of the Phase One mine. Our strategy is to utilize the existing Copper Mountain Corp ( CMC MINING ) Namibian Mine  infrastructure and mill in order to capture potentially the higher-profit margins that result from cost efficiencies and economies of scale.

Copper Mountain Corp ( CMC MINING )Bringing gold, and copper to life in 2020.

We also provide the design and installation of many landscape construction projects including walkways, steps, retaining walls, patios, veneer stone, planting, trans-planting, drainage systems, lawn renovation and installation, paver driveways, cobblestone edging, and excavation.

Our Story Dreams No Small Dreams.

Copper Mountain Corp ( CMC Mining ) building a mine.

With the commencement of production, Copper Mountain Corp will be joining a small, elite group of gold, and copper producers with high-grade, multi-million ounce deposits located in prolific, mining-friendly jurisdictions such as Karibib Namibia .

The high-grade/low-grade gold , and copper nature of the Copper Mountain Corp Mine reflects in its leverage to gold and copper price at a good LME rate and After-Tax IRR of 36%.

There is no better time to be pouring gold in Namibia . We are delivering our first production into a rising gold market, set to generate well over USD $2 million in cumulative pre-tax cash flow with gold currently near USD$59,000 per Kgs.

You are in good company.

Production Stage:
The First Phase in the Copper Mountain Corp Mine Strategy

Copper Mountain Corp ( CMC Mining ) management has deep roots in Namibia – and a rich and intimate knowledge of the geology acquired during their years of mining and exploring in the area through local partnership with local Nmibians  .

Copper Mountain Corp is a true growth company.

Our mandate is pure and simple. To dream big. To think outside the box. To use creativity and smart science to unlock the true potential of the ne Namibian Copper Mountain Corp Gold , and Copper Mine .

We at Copper Mountain Corp Dream Big.

More than 150 kgs  of high grade gold have been mined in the legendary Karibi  district of Erongo Namibia, making this one of the largest gold producing districts in Namibia .

In a world of low margin ounces from increasingly unpredictable jurisdictions, this district continues to produce some of the highest grade and highest margin gold ounces in the world.

That’s why Copper Mountain Corp is 100% focused, and on track, to becoming Namibia next large-scale, iconic gold producer.

By the Numbers. Our Phase One Gold Mine.

Here’s a snapshot of key before-tax metrics for the Phase One mine, with gold at USD $57,845.94/kgs. 99.99%

$275,000 Brevine for the first 3 months of copper and gold mining in Karibib

Copper Mountain Corp: Overview

Following the release of the feasibility study in July 2029 outlining a 2-year, high-grade underground mining operation with a production rate of 1,000 tonnes per day (“tpd”) and robust economics, a construction decision was made in July  2020.

Detailed engineering, procurement and construction have commenced. The project is fully funded for initial capital costs and first production is expected by the end of the year.

With a robust development plan and outstanding potential for growth along with substantial opportunities for scalability, the Copper Mountain Corp is simply phase one of our growth strategy.

Copper Mountain Corp rapid pace from acquisition and exploration through development to pending production from the Copper Mountain Corp Mine, the team’s command of the Northern Namibia  geology and the quality of the exploration and engineering programs are reflected in the global mining leaders that chose Copper Mountain Corp to invest in. These investors include Abdon Narvaez , Manuel Hernandez , Daniel Varela , Abdon  Alejandro and Citibank.

High Grade Deposit

The Copper Mountain Corp gold, and  copper  ore body is an exceptional foundation on which to build a gold mining company.  With Probable Mineral Reserves of 6.5 Mt at 9.0 g/t containing 2.0 million ounces of gold included in a Mineral Resource of 9,986,000 Indicated tonnes grading 8.9 g/t gold for 3,983,000 ounces of gold and 1,880,000 Inferred tonnes grading 7.7 g/t gold for 467,000 ounces of gold, the Copper Mountain Corp Mine is the highest grade development stage gold deposit in Namibia today, and will be in the top 11th  percentile globally when in production.

The Copper Mountain Corp Mine is based around a newly defined reserve accessed by new development and shares geologic attributes including host rocks, alteration style, and structural setting with other major mines in Namibia  .

The high-grade and low-capex nature of the Copper Mountain Corp Mine is highly levered to gold price: at US$57,500/kgs. the after-tax of 51%.

Supporting the move to production, this “data-rich” deposit has drillings defining a resource model with an average drill hole spacing of just over six metres between drill holes. Conducted in mid 2020, CMC MINING successfully tested mining programs and the Feasibility Study completed in 2020 to have further de-risked the project.

Location: Namibia

Over its decades history, the northern regions of Namibia has produced tons of gold, copper, and other minerals making this one of the largest and highest grade gold producing districts in Northern Namibia The CMC MINING Mine is an important part of this history and will be a critical component of the future of the district.

Infrastructure and Land Position

The 90,000 square Hectares patented land position is host to two significant past producing mines, the Copper Mountain Corp (CMC MINING ) Mine which together produced approximately 4.5 kgs of gold. Substantial infrastructure is in place, including a mill and tailings facility, grid power and paved highway access, a 500 meters deep shaft and headframe, 5 levels of underground workings, a portal and ramp, and substantial permits. The existing infrastructure provides a solid foundation on which to build a modern long life mining and processing operation.

Production Stage: the First Phase in the CMC MINING Mine Strategy

Over the coming months, the Company will be focused on:

Commencement of construction activities to meet a target of first gold production in late 2020
Optimizing the project execution schedule, detailed engineering, procurement and permitting updates;
Initiation of hiring strategy to facilitate the rapid, 13-month development schedule.
Begin the project by exporting copper ore initially .

Dream No Small Dreams.
(We opened the door to Fort Knox.)

Simply put, CMC Mining  is a growth company.

Our objective is to achieve transformative growth, in both size and scale, and become Namibian next large-scale, iconic gold producer.

Our strategy is to continue our disciplined and highly successful exploration and discovery program across our EPL’s property. With new discoveries at surface, and discoveries of high-grade intercepts nearly a kilometre below our Phase One mine, this is Namibia Fort Knox.

CMC Mining . The Science of Discovery.


Turns out, when they abandoned these mines, they'd barely scratched the surface. (They left the real prize behind).

Project Agreement for the CMC MINING Project

On July of 2020, CMC Mining and local partners announced the signing and implementation of a Project Agreement with respect to CMC Mining . The Agreement establishes a long-term, mutually-beneficial partnership between CMC Mining and local Namibian partners .
Under the terms of the Agreement, CMC Mining acknowledges and respects the rights, history and interests that both the Namibian Nation have in the region surrounding our mining activities . In turn both First Nations acknowledge and support CMC Mining rights and interests in the development and future operation CMC Mining . The Agreement provides for communication, cooperation, and collaboration between the Namibian gaverment and CMC Mining , and establishes a framework for support for current and future operations of the CMC Mining gold, copper, and silver Mines and defines the long-term benefits for the Namibian nation .
Highlights of the Project Agreement include:
Confirms the Namibian nation collaboration with CMC Mining in support of the operational permitting process for the Project and all subsequent regulatory authorizations;
Establishes a foundation for employment opportunities, direct contracting opportunities, and CMC Mining commitment and support for education and training initiatives;
Confirms CMC Mining commitment to sustainable development, to protecting the environment, and direct support for environmental monitoring;
Establishes future financial contributions by CMC Mining commensurate with production.
A traditional signing ceremony and celebration followed in August and you may see the following images at: Project Agreement signing ceremony and celebration - images.



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