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To extract natural resources, achieving a sustainable product for later commercialization in the world market.

To invest our hard work on businesses that strive to empower the communities we work in.


Be among the best mining companies in the market with the best standards of productivity, costs and sustainability. In addition, to leave an economic, social and environmental legacy in the regions where it is present, mitigating the impacts of our operations on the neighboring communities and promoting sustainable practices throughout our value chain.


We prioritize creation of Value, and Virtues


Efficiency and competitiveness

Social responsibility


Customer orientation

Abdón Narváez

Vice President of Operations and Development Abdon is responsible for managing and optimizing organizational development processes to increase funding revenue. Abdon interfaces with key stakeholders such as the team, board members, donors, partners, and advisors.

Daniel Varela

Chief Operating Officer & President of Sourcing and Acquisition Daniel sets policies and strategic direction for the company, both for the near term and for the foreseeable future. It's his responsibility to ensure the company follows it's mission, policies, and procedures that are in place, and is profitable.

Manuel Hernandez

Vice President of Sourcing and Acquisition Manuel signs documents, and makes commitments for the company for which the company is legally liable. Manuel's team helps enforce thee company's overall vision, mission, values, beliefs, and strategic goals. Manuel is also in charge of acquisitions and business in Chile.

Our principals are the basis of our business success. With our performance and commitment, we work daily to support the sustainable development of the Copper Mountain Corporation Group.